care treatment plan

Concentrating on the “Super-Utilizers”

Many of the initiatives emerging from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can help case managers address the long-term health of our nation with improved access to care and better preventive care options. However, the patients we deal with on a daily basis can’t wait for benefits to become active, especially patients with the most intensive health care needs who generate…

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Customized Care Management

Moving Towards Customized Care Management Interventions

Over the years, the care management model has changed dramatically. It was not too long ago that utilization review programs were in vogue and case management was just beginning to gain traction through programs funded by private and public payers. Today, case managers are focused on making sure patients are getting the right care at the right time through enhanced…

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population health management

The Emergence of Population Health Management Programs

An exciting aspect of the care management field is the swift pace that new innovations and interventions come to the market to help manage and support individuals with a wide range of chronic conditions.  One characteristic of such an evolving landscape is the use of new terms and names to describe care management programs, such as the recently coined term…

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