Care Management

Medical Management and Rehabilitation Services (MMARS) is one of the most experienced care management organizations in the United States.  We offer an array of cutting-edge and best-in-breed health and population management solutions.

Off-the-shelf disease management and case management are not the answer. Smart, proactive care management tailored to your specific needs can help provide the impact and change that you’re looking for.

MMARS provides independent care management and coordination services to both the public and private sectors.  We know how to make care management work. Our services cover the entire spectrum of care management services, from utilization review to complex case management, and we understand how to use your data and provide the results you  are seeking.

Relationships matter. For effective change to occur, people must be engaged. The MMARS team provides a true continuum of care management that focuses on building relationships with the people involved so they are engaged and move toward greater health, better outcomes, and lower cost.

An independently owned company, MMARS is not affiliated with any specific insurer or provider network, nor are we owned by a potential competitor. Quite simply, we are here to work for you. Over the past two decades we have solidified a track record of successfully managing the quality and cost of health care provided to various vulnerable populations, as well as converting our client’s healthcare informatics into improved quality outcomes and cost savings.

With Gratitude

Productive and supportive workplace. Supervisor/Managers are great to work with. Collaborative environment. It is not stressful at all times. It has work/home balance.

Current Employee, Support Coordinator

MMARS is a great place to work. It’s definitely a place to learn new job skills and communication. I enjoy my Supervisor the most because she’s very out going and helpful in her understanding of the task which in turn helps in your process to comprehend the knowledge of the work.

Current Employee, Casework Specialist

I don’t know where to start from saying that you helped me so much. I really like it where I am. It’s a family setting. Thank you!

Mr. Henry

Bryonna has shown us how helpful and supportive a MMARS caseworker can be! She has initiated visits, and has always cooperated with us in scheduling, which is essential beause most of the family speak very little English. We feel that the team effort with MMARS has really come to fruition through Bryonna! We owe MMARS and Bryonna a large vote of thanks!

Ms. Sams, Ms. Schmale-Tate, and Ms. Habiby