About Us

Medical Management and Rehabilitation Services (MMARS) provides comprehensive case management and disease management services across the age spectrum for a variety of insurance providers and government agencies. Founded in 1993, our team is committed to providing customized, cost-effective and comprehensive health care management services.

MMARS provides independent care management and coordination services to both the public and private sectors. Our services cover the entire spectrum of care management services, from utilization review to complex case management. We are uniquely qualified to help serve you.

An independently owned company, we are not affiliated with any specific insurer or provider network, nor are we owned by a potential competitor. Quite simply, we are here to work for you. Over the past two decades we have solidified a long track record of successfully managing the quality and cost of health care provided to various vulnerable populations, as well as converting our client’s healthcare informatics into improved quality outcomes and cost savings.

Our Mission

To advance cost-effective quality health care through:

  • The promotion of appropriate and timely utilization of health resources
  • The coordination of health care services commensurate to the needs of the individual
  • The involvement of the client in health related decisions
  • The empowerment of the client to become an active participant in the treatment plan and in primary, preventive care
  • The utilization of outcome measurements to improve the quality of care and the quality of the client’s life