Coordination of Community Services

With states continuing to feel budget pressures from a variety of resources, many state medical assistance programs are deploying creating solutions to optimize the care delivered to the underinsured, uninsured and impoverished populations. MMARS is a leading expert in how to provide “Resource Coordination” also known as “Independent Support Coordination” to targeted communities:

  • Real Experience. MMARS has direct experience in working in states such as Maryland and Tennessee to help with populations with severe physical and mental disabilities.
  • Staff Resources. Often, these programs deploy a wide range of professionals to help with these populations including individuals with HR/Sociology/Psych/MSW degrees, in addition to nurses and case managers.
  • Financial Guidance. Financial coordination also becomes a key element to effective Resource Coordination.
  • Inter-Program Coordination. These types of interventions also can be used in combination with traditional health and population management programs to ensure that patients are getting the best care possible.