Other Resources/Solutions

MMARS can complement its core programs with a myriad of other solutions and services that can empower clients, providers, individuals to change their lives for the better with enhanced clinical and financial outcomes. Here is an extended menu of care management solutions and services that MMARS offers:

  • Specialty Care. Offering a full range of specialty care options covering care options such as bariatric, developmental disabilities, pediatric, transplant, long-term care planning, among other specialty services.
  • Evidence-Based Care. Promoting evidence-based assessments, care plans, clinical and guideline integration, and clinical program support.
  • Online Portals. Optimizing provider and patient connectivity/engagement strategies through online web portals and other on-demand technology/mobile interfaces.
  • Workflow Standardization. Developing and implementing standardized workflows and written policies and procedures to ensure efficiency and inter-rater reliability.
  • Regulatory Compliance Programs. Integrating regulatory and legal requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act along with other federal and state requirements.
  • Technology Support. Supporting a wide array of technology needs including care management software systems, medical data abstraction, data interfaces, mobile solutions, and other software/coding solutions.