Prevention & Wellness

MMARS has recently teamed up with leading prevention and wellness experts to supplement its services to proactively manage targeted employer and union groups. Through the Affordable Care Act and other initiatives, employers and others have new opportunities to offer prevention & wellness programs. Program options include:

  • Coaching Model. Utilizing personalized coaching with customized care plans and wellness goals
  • Meaningful Health Assessments. Deploying a full range of assessments/HRAs/blood screenings
  • Wellness Care. Access to a full array of evidence-based wellness, nutrition and exercise programs
  • Web and App Support. Leveraging a full range of technological and online support tools with dynamic tracking and monitoring functions.
  • Employer/Union Plans. Supporting a wide range of vetted incentive programs to move from a “sick” culture paradigm to one of prevention/wellness/enhanced productivity.
  • Outcomes and ROI Reports. Leveraging the Trajectory Analytic Engine™ and other tools to create accurate and actionable information.