Brief info

A Baltimore native, Mr. Burgess has been serving the healthcare industry for over 10 years, and the technology industry for 15 years. Before joining MMARS in 2019, his primary focus was ambulatory application, infrastructure, and implementation management.

His career in healthcare began as a support analyst for a company in Columbia, MD that created a proprietary electronic health records application, and supported the clients that used it. In this role, Mr. Burgess traveled the country, training providers and staff, leading application and hardware deployments, in addition to conducting sales demonstrations for prospective clients. This role soon evolved into managing all client and vendor operations for the application. After this tenure, Mr. Burgess accepted the position of Development Analyst for a large hospital system in Baltimore City. He provided support for a major electronic health records application, and ancillary systems, used in various clinical offices across the Baltimore metropolitan area. Utilizing his technical experience, he helped overhaul the organization’s infrastructure on which applications were used, implemented improved security standards, and developed processes to increase work efficiency for colleagues within and outside of his immediate team.

Since beginning to serve clinicians and staff in the healthcare industry, he has made a personal commitment to, in any way possible, help improve the well-being and care offered to humankind by leveraging technology that is available today.